Danielle Bunny Banks”Owner” whispers hair studio nola

Danielle Bunny Banks”Owner” whispers hair studio nola




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whispers hair studio nola was founded in 2013 with the ambition to promote calm, comfort and peace like when you sit along the riverside listening to the sound of the wind by the water because of that idea whispers hair studio nola is intent on creating a cozy salon that boost total relaxation in a family style setting.We here clients whispering “you don’t like to sit all day in a salon,” so whispers hair studio nola is devoted to getting you in and out without sacrificing healthy hair. Most important come to whispers now when you leave whispers hair studio you will be assured that the health of your hair was our main focus besides that by using organic products that will cleanse and reduce the toxins in your hair thus enhancing and adding moisture.Most importantly the staff here at whispershairstudionola.com  has committed and dedicated our lives to God first and continuing our education second with the most advanced hair classes available so that “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us…


Danielle Bunny Banks”Owner” whispers hair studio nola

  1. Basic Wash and Style $45 for 45 minutes
  2. Color bundles-$40 for 45 minutes 2-3 bundles only
  3. Voiceless Dominican Style Blowout-$90 for 90 minutes
  4. Full Sew-in- No Hair Left-out-$225 for 120 minutes
  5. Kids Relaxer re-touch-$55 for 60 minutes
  6. Kids sew-in $100 for 60 minutes
  7. Kids Virgin Relaxer-$75 for 105 minutes
  8. Quick-weave- $75 for 45 minutes
  9. Regular Sew-in with leave out- $175 for 105 minutes
  10. Relaxer Touch-Up & Reconstruction-$80 for 90 minutes
  11. Relaxer Touch-Up only-$65 for 60 minutes
  12. Roller Set-$40 for 45 minutes
  13. Voiceless Tea treat Scalp cleanse-$15 for 45 minutes
  14. Sew-in Take Down-$40 for 45 minutes
  15. Sew-in with closure-$200 for 150 minutes
  16. Shampoo And Wand Curls Style-$60 for 45 minutes
  1. 17.Short Style-$45 for 45 minutes

    18.Spiral Curl or Rod Set Styles-$65 for 60 minutes

    19.Virgin Relaxer-$100 for 75 minutes

    20.Voiceless Keratin Smoothing Treatment & trim-$300 for 120 minutes

    21.Voiceless Environmental Healing System $65 for 60 minutes

    22.Voiceless Keratin Treatment trim & Color-$350 for 150 minutes

    23.Voiceless Kids silk-press-$65 for 90 minutes

    24.Voiceless Reconstruction System-$95 for 90 minutes

    25.Voiceless Trim & Recovery 911 $100 for 90 minutes

    26.Voiceless Scalp Treatment& Basic Style $65 for 45 minutes

    28.Voiceless Sew-in Advance-$225 for 165 minutes

    29.Voiceless Silk-press & deep conditioner $115 for 120 minutes

    30.Voiceless Silk-press Colorized highlights $140 for 150 minutes

    31.Two part Vixen Sew-in $375 for 90 minutes

    32.Crochet Braids Basic-$75 for 90 minute

    33.Foil Highlights-$80 for 90 minutes

    34.Kids Scalp Braids-$65 for 120 minutes

    35.Scalp Braids Basic- $75 for 120 minutes


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